Social Media Marketing


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”.
Edith Wharton

Social Media Marketing (aka Social Media Optimization or Web 2.0) is INFINITE - without ending points, limitations, or number of pages. Individuals participate at any time day or night, with comments, blogs, videos, and instant messaging. It is truly "word of mouth marketing", and being part of the "online conversation" allows you to influence it to your advantage

The Goal is simple: Get your marketing message spread by others.
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Social Media Marketing Greater Potential Reach

You can easily influence millions of users, friends or followers through the hundreds of Social Media sites like You Tube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogger, Yelp and Twitter.

Search Marketing Better Targeted Leads

Your product/service is exposed to a broader audience more than in past with traditional outlets yet, at the same time can be focused to more targeted and quality leads.

Internet Marketing Improved Customer Service

Social media "speaks" to the customer. It is PERSONAL. It makes you more approachable; customers get to understand and become comfortable with your product/service. Trust sells.

Social Media Marketing Increase Your Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness with self-replicating process (word-of-mouth) with Social Media Marketing. Let others spread your message, its cost effective and more convincing.


Social Media Marketing should have total integration with your overall online marketing strategy. The Farpoint Alliance will develop a customized social media strategy that will work "hand in hand" with your Search Marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing gives everyone an Internet "VOICE", and understands the simple fact that

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing